White onion shopping center in Iran

White onion special shopping center in Iran

Iran is one of the largest onion producers in the world, which is produced and supplied in different cities with very high quality and is one of the most consumed products in the food basket of families. For special purchase of white onions, you can refer to farmers or reputable sites. In the following, we […]

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onion exporter from iran

onion exporter from iran | Wholesale onion supply

Onion is a type of plant food that is rich in nutrients and has high properties. Consumption of this nutrient is effective in treating many diseases, including colds, diarrhea, infections, etc. There are two types of red and white onions, both of which have many benefits. Every year, all kinds of white onions are exported […]

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onion import from iran

onion import from iran | Onion irani

One of the vegetables and safflower that has been used all over the world since ancient times is onions. Onion production is done in countries like Iran, India, USA and … Among the onions, the red is the most popular and sold on the market. Red onion sellers each sell their products in a different […]

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