Buy Onions for Storage

Buy Onions for Storage | Iran’s largest onion producer

Buying onions for storage is one of the major needs of the fall and winter seasons because of the inability to harvest onions in all provinces and the onions need to be maintained to meet market needs. Be provided. The Sowda Se Collection with onion bulk allows you to make your purchases in bulk. Convenient […]

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buy onion at lowest price

buy onion at lowest price in Iran

Looking for the lowest price onions? Iran is one of the world’s leading onion producers. Different countries can buy Iran onion at the lowest price. Onion, in addition to its low price, also has a good quality. You can buy onion at lowest price from our collection. Onion Iran If we want to name the […]

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buy imported white onions

Where can I buy imported white onions?

Where can I buy imported white onions? White onion is one of the most popular onions. White onions are bought by different countries. One of the countries where you can import onions is Iran. Iran has high quality white onions. White onion has a very good price. Buy imported white onions White onions are one […]

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Buying and selling onions

Buying and selling onions in Iran

Buying and selling onions in Iran and set of three onions. Onions are one of the most consumed products that are bought and sold every day. Our product range in different cities of Iran has made it possible to make onions for domestic and export use. Onion in Iran Different products are produced in the […]

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Export onions to Romania

Export onions to Romania / Buy onions export

Is onion export to Romania in our country? How is the export onions to Romania? Is the Iranian onion suitable for export to Romania? Romania is one of the European countries, Which is in a good position. You can buy onions from the Iranian Onion Collection and compare the price with other competitors. Country Romania […]

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Buy onions export Iran

Buy onions export Iran / Onion sorting

Buy onions export Iran directly،You can buy onions for export in Soda Farm Group Three Onions. Three onions directly and with the removal of intermediaries. Suitable onions are picked up at the time of harvest and packed in suitable export packages And we’re lading in the right cars. You can buy our imported onions from us. Export […]

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Buy Iranian Onions

Buy Iranian Onions / Onion import

Buy Iranian Onions in are carried out in the Sowdasepiaz Agricultural Group. The export of onions is done in three colors: yellow, white and red. The onions in Iran are presented in a variety of different qualities, and the onions should be exported from the collections that have experience. Onion types The types of onions in the country […]

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