Major onion sellers

Major onion sellers in Iran

Onions are one of the most widely used agricultural products, and their presence in the kitchen is necessary because onions are used to prepare a variety of foods. Onions have been cultivated since ancient times and in traditional and even modern medicine many properties of onions have been mentioned, including sulfur in onions is useful […]

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White onion prices in Iran

White onion prices in Iran | The best examples of onions for export

Onion is one of the summer crops that have been cultivated in Iran and Afghanistan for a long time and it is used to flavor various foods and it eliminates the bad smell of meat, chicken or fish. Gone and gives the food a lasting and unique taste; if you want to buy it in […]

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Price list of Iranian onions

Price list of Iranian onions | Iranian onion exporter

The price list of Iranian onions with the best possible quality is set by the manufacturing companies. You need to know that each of the onion samples has its own prices. The price of onions is a very important factor in the buying and selling process for all people, both buyers and sellers. Therefore, before […]

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Buy red onions from Iran

Buy red onions from Iran | Import of red onions in Iran

Onion is one of the most important summer vegetables and additives in cooking that has been used by the general public from the past to the present. Needed and widely used, this product is one of the reasons for continuous and bulk planting of onions by farmers all over the country. Onions play an important […]

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suppliers yellow onions in Iran

Manufacturers and suppliers of high quality yellow onions in Iran

Agricultural products, including yellow onions, are among the products that are traded and traded in very high quantities in the country’s market. Yellow onion growers carry out a wide range of activities in different parts of the country and produce different types of these products with excellent quality, including the provinces that work in the […]

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iran onion price

iran onion price | Wholesale sales list in Iran

The fluctuations that exist in the country’s market today have caused the prices of various products, including the list of the best selling prices of white onions offered in the country’s market, to be constantly changing in bulk and in part, and therefore this makes it impossible to get accurate information. And we will provide […]

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red onions in Iran

The largest wholesale seller high quality red onions in Iran

Onions are one of the most important and widely used products that can be used in all foods. The largest seller of red onions in Iran exports these products to most parts of the world. Onions are sold in different ways. Keeping this product for a long time will cause it to spoil and rot, […]

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onion import from iran

onion import from iran | iran onion

Onion is a fruit with different colors, each of which has properties, including the unique properties of this fruit, such as its antioxidant properties. If we want to name one of the examples of this fruit, red onion is a very suitable option. In Iran, many lands are cultivated every year, and the number of […]

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Selling export onions in Iran

Selling export onions with the best price and quality in Iran

Onions are one of the oldest and most important vegetables in the world; they are eaten in various forms. Iran is one of the main producers of onions in the world, and cultivates different types of this agricultural product. In a way, we are always witnessing the sale of export onions in the fruit and […]

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Iran's largest onion selling site

Iran’s largest onion buying and selling site

The largest gold onion shopping site in the country has been launched, which can distribute the best onions among customers at all hours of the day and night. Golden onions have been in the group of edible vegetables since ancient times and have been cultivated in different parts of Iran and the world and use […]

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