Wholesale onion bags

Wholesale onion bags in Iran

Nowadays, selling onion tour in Sowdasepiaz collection can be done in different ways, and dear customers can get them at a more reasonable rate from the site. Also, selling onion nets in the three soda onion collection can be done both directly and indirectly, and the customer can buy them according to his personal taste. […]

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Iranian onion price

Iranian yellow onion price | Export onion prices

What is the price of yellow onion for export in the country? Where should we inquire about the price of exported white onions? White onions are more or less exported to Asian and European countries in all four seasons. White onions are packaged and exported in medium and large sizes. You can join us to […]

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Iran's onion exports to Russia

Iran’s onion exports to Russia | Iran’s largest onion producer

If you are planning to buy onions, be sure to ask questions such as: Which online stores sell red onions? Which store is better for buying white onions? In which stores does the sale of fresh onions take place? What is the price of dried onions? What is the export onion market like? How much […]

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Export price Iranian onions

Export price Iranian onions | iran onion price

Red onions are produced by reputable manufacturing companies and there are various companies in the country that work in this field. You can buy this type of onion by visiting various stores, including chain stores. These companies are also involved in wholesale trade. They also make onions with other products. Today, many farmers plant edible […]

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Major onion sellers

Major onion sellers in Iran

Onions are one of the most widely used agricultural products, and their presence in the kitchen is necessary because onions are used to prepare a variety of foods. Onions have been cultivated since ancient times and in traditional and even modern medicine many properties of onions have been mentioned, including sulfur in onions is useful […]

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Import white onion from Iran

Import white onion from Iran | White onion prices in Iran

Onions are one of the most widely used products that can be said to be used in all foods and have many uses. Special sales of white onions are done in different ways. In addition to food use, this product has many healing properties. Its white onion is completely white. It is not possible to […]

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onion importers in dubai

onion importers in dubai | Onion export to the UAE

Onions are a widely used food and have many properties. Onions are usually hot and dry and can be good for everyone. White onions have a better taste than other types of onions and make the taste of food more delicious. Onions can be eaten both cooked and raw, in which case the beneficial elements […]

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The price of golden onions in Iran

The price of golden onions in Iran | Onion price list

You can find out the prices of golden onions in the markets and online sales centers. There is a daily list of the prices of this type of vegetable in the cargo fields and sales centers, which attract the attention of customers. The purchase of fresh onions, which are harvested daily by farmers, is done […]

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White onion prices in Iran

White onion prices in Iran | The best examples of onions for export

Onion is one of the summer crops that have been cultivated in Iran and Afghanistan for a long time and it is used to flavor various foods and it eliminates the bad smell of meat, chicken or fish. Gone and gives the food a lasting and unique taste; if you want to buy it in […]

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Online price of red onion in Iran

Online price of red onion in Iran | 1 kg onion price in iran

The online price of red onions fluctuates in the country’s market for various reasons. You can watch the list of red onions online. Red onions are abundant in the country’s markets and have many fans. Sorted onions for export Onions are grown in different sizes, colors and grades. Therefore, sorting and sorting onions seems necessary. […]

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