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Iranian yellow onion price | Export onion prices

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Export of Iranian onions Export red onions Buy onions for export White onion price Onion prices now Onion price in the year 2020
Iranian onion price

What is the price of yellow onion for export in the country? Where should we inquire about the price of exported white onions? White onions are more or less exported to Asian and European countries in all four seasons. White onions are packaged and exported in medium and large sizes. You can join us to prepare a suitable white onion.

Iranian onion price

Export of Iranian onions

Most of Iran’s onions are sold directly in the country’s daily markets and are used. In some cases, when there are export orders, some groups prepare suitable and first-class onions for sorting and proper packaging for export. The Iranian onion market complex makes it easier due to the preparation and production of onions and prepares suitable export onions for you at a reasonable price.

Onions are exported in the country in three colors:

Export white onions

Most countries like and order white oyster onions or onions that have a white hand.

Yellow onion for export

Yellow onion is also widely used in daily consumption.

During the year, the country’s yellow onion is cultivated and harvested in the following provinces.

  • Khorasan
  • Khuzestan
  • Kerman
  • Esfahan
  • Kermanshah
  • Hormozgan
  • Zanjan
  • Tabriz
  • Shahr e Kord
  • And …
Iranian yellow onion price | Export onion prices

Export red onions

In many countries, Iranian red onion has taken root and it can be said that they have become accustomed to this onion and this feeling is mainly evident in ordering them. That is why the country’s red onion is exported to many countries.

Iranian onion price

Buy onions for export

To buy different types of onions for export in different qualities, you need a set that you can buy onions according to your order. Soda Se collection, by using the new facilities, has provided the possibility for you, the buyers, to be able to receive onions with the best qualities and in stylish and export packages.

Iranian yellow onion price

White onion price

There are different types of onions. Each of these onions is grown and harvested in different ways. Onions also have different prices and the price of onions is not the same in different countries. Onions are used for cooking, while they have other properties such as healing properties.
But onions can be divided into three categories:

  • Red onion
  • Yellow onion
  • White onion

There are onion and potato markets in every city and every country. You can go to this market and buy onions at different prices.
The collection is available, it is possible to buy onions from different producers and traders. In the onion market, you can buy onions of different qualities. The price of fresh and dried white onions is also available in these markets and can be easily prepared.

Iranian yellow onion price

Onion prices now

Onion is a popular product because onion has a wonderful taste. The cheapest onion product is sold in Iran. The cheapest onion is offered for sale by Iran because it is in high demand. In addition to having the main flavor, onions are also very nutritious and have many therapeutic and medicinal properties. This product is mainly offered at a cheap price and the price of onion is now questionable.

Onion buyers are always looking for the cheapest onion to buy, which is widely available in Iran.
Cheap onions are of high quality. It also tastes good, so sales are high.
Cheap onions have many therapeutic and health benefits.
Onions are used to make a variety of foods, so cheap prices are important to the buyer.

Iranian yellow onion price

Onion price in the year 2020

Asian onions are very popular because they are the cheapest onions. Buying Asian onions is very important because it has the current low price of onions for sale. Asian onions are sold in many countries and have attracted many buyers.

One of the main reasons for the boom in buying Asian onions is the high quality of this product and its low price in the onion market. Onion is a product that has attracted many buyers. This product is offered in Asia and Iran at the cheapest price and is in great demand.

You can buy the cheapest Asian onions from Iranian traders. Iranian traders are the ones who can be the cheapest supplier of onions for you.

Iranian yellow onion price
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