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Major onion sellers in Iran

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Online shopping for medium-sized yellow onions 1 kgDaily price of onions in 2020Yellow onion supply in bulk and tonnageSelling onions in the marketYellow onion production hub in IranRepresentation of all kinds of onions for export
Major onion sellers

Onions are one of the most widely used agricultural products, and their presence in the kitchen is necessary because onions are used to prepare a variety of foods. Onions have been cultivated since ancient times and in traditional and even modern medicine many properties of onions have been mentioned, including sulfur in onions is useful for purifying and purifying the blood and contains large amounts of folic acid and vitamin C. This high-quality product can generally be divided into three categories: yellow onion or golden onion, red onion and white onion. Among the types of onions, yellow onions are used more in cooking and cooking than in the white type. Yellow onion sellers in Iran buy and sell this product due to the cultivation of this product, which is possible all year round.

Major onion sellers

Online shopping for medium-sized yellow onions 1 kg

As you know, onions are very popular among vegetables, but yellow onions are mostly used in cooking and cooking due to their good taste and even sweet taste. Yellow onions are used in a variety of salads as well as raw along with food.

But what is the cause of spicy onions?

The reason for the sharpness of onions is the presence of a substance called sulfur, which is dispersed in the air by crushing onions and even tears the eyes, but this substance has many properties, including it is useful for colds.

But to buy yellow onions or other types in bulk, it is common to go to Tareh Bar Bazaar in the central cities of the province. But the onion is a small gland with a different taste, the leaves of which are also edible.) They are offered at different prices.

But another way that is very popular today is online shopping, which has made it even easier to buy different types of onions. For this purpose, you can refer to the websites selling all kinds of vegetables and summer vegetables, and simply order a variety of onions, and in particular, a nice yellow onion with an average weight of 1 kg, so that it can reach you in a short time at a cheaper price than the market.

Major onion sellers

Daily price of onions in 2020

As you know, the prices of different types of onions, especially yellow onions, have changed a lot in recent times, especially in 2020.

The daily prices of different types of onions in Tareh Baraha Square have been determined to be in favor of honorable producers and farmers, as well as in support of real consumers, because a number of profiteers and intermediaries are raising prices as they wanted for no apparent reason. Brand while buying cheap labor from farmers and selling to consumers at high prices. With the announcement of the price of yellow onions and onions in general, the hands of intermediaries and profiteers have decreased.

Major onion sellers

Yellow onion supply in bulk and tonnage

Due to the fact that yellow onions are grown in different areas all year round and always have a hot and prosperous market, you will realize this once you go to the centers of Tareh Bar. In these markets, the price of yellow onions varies depending on the quality and other issues such as the route they have taken, or whether they are from Isfahan or the south. Also, in certain seasons, this high-consumption product became more expensive and cheaper in another season. In this store, the supply of yellow onions is done in bulk and tonnage.

Major onion sellers

Selling onions in the market

Onions are sold in large quantities every day in Tareh Bar Square in every big and small city, where different types of onions are offered with different sizes and sizes and of different qualities. These products come from different cities that are cultivated in Iran. Tare Bar fields are brought in and have different prices.

Buyers of onions, including yellow onions, red onions, white onions, and even shallot onions, are buying from these leek fields on a regular basis to make shopping more economical.

It is easily possible to buy red, yellow and even white onions in a virtual store, and customers will have the same purchase with an open purchase. The best onion for grilled kebabs and other foods is yellow onion, because in addition to its own taste, it is grown in most seasons of the year and is therefore more available and its price is more economical and convenient.

Major onion sellers

Yellow onion production hub in Iran

Yellow onions are well-known because they are used to cook a variety of meats, kebabs, soups and stews.

Onion production in fertile and light soils is possible in Iran. Various types of onions in different cities from Khorasan and Sistan to the center of the country such as Kerman and Isfahan to the west such as Kermanshah and the south of the country such as Khuzestan. But the hub of yellow onion production can be called Sowdasepiaz.

Major onion sellers

Representation of all kinds of onions for export

Due to its fertile soil, special and unique climate, onion cultivation is very tasty and is very well known and popular in the foreign market.

These products can be exported as raw materials and are very profitable and valuable for our country and traders. Because in the current economic situation of the country, the necessity of export is multiplied and non-oil and agricultural goods are the best option for the foreign market.

As a result, first of all, the production and cultivation of first-class onions should be increased so that the domestic market does not get into trouble and eventually think about exporting.

Before exporting to other countries, the market of those countries must be identified and different types of onions must be exported according to the needs of that country. Among the countries applying for raw materials and foodstuffs are neighboring countries such as Iraq, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Turkey, as well as European countries such as Russia and Bulgaria and other countries.

onion sellers in Iran
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