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The price of golden onions in Iran | Onion price list

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Distribution of excellent export onionsThe best center for selling golden onions in Iraniran onion suppliersOnion exports to different countries of the world1 kg onion price in iranProduction of the best types of golden onionsDirect supply of Iranian onionsiran onion price
The price of golden onions in Iran

You can find out the prices of golden onions in the markets and online sales centers. There is a daily list of the prices of this type of vegetable in the cargo fields and sales centers, which attract the attention of customers. The purchase of fresh onions, which are harvested daily by farmers, is done in the centers and squares of Tareh Bar, and most of this agricultural product is exported abroad.

price golden onions in Iran

Distribution of excellent export onions

In the spring, a variety of onions are harvested in different cities of Iran and exported to foreign markets. Most fresh onions are distributed and sold in different colors in different places. But export onions are sent indirectly and directly across borders, and some factors will push up prices.

The purchase of onion seedlings by Iranian farmers is often done in the spring. The seeds of this crop should be sown in good and good lands so that the quality onions can be harvested.

Planted onions come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with a different color. Golden onion seeds are sold in centers and stores across the country, and in most parts of Iran the seeds are planted.

The price of golden onions in Iran

The best center for selling golden onions in Iran

The best agencies and summer sales centers have been set up in the cities of Iran and different regions that sell all kinds of golden onions at low prices. The golden onion, as its name suggests, has a golden yellow color that is fresh and It is sold dried in the markets.

Dried onions can be stored for six months, but fresh onions do not last long and may spoil if not used quickly. There are various companies in Iran that have facilitated the export of this product to other countries and have increased production volume. Various types of golden onions are among the best-selling summer vegetables whose export volume is high in Iran.

In the city of Jiroft, the volume of onion production in the spring is very high and white and first class onions are harvested from the agricultural lands of this city. Iran has been successful in producing this product for many years.

The price golden onions in Iran

iran onion suppliers

Exported onions, which contain a variety of varieties, can be purchased in bulk. It is possible to buy golden onions in all parts of Iran, which is obtained from good quality seeds. Annually, a variety of seeds, including Spanish onion seeds, are sold in Iran in small and large packages at different prices.

Spanish onions are white, red, which are of high quality and most of them are large in size. These onions are good in appearance and are packaged in other countries, including the UAE, Russia, Kuwait and other countries. Be.

The customer should consider the following points when buying export onions:

  • Onion color and quality
  • Appearance
  • Onion skin
  • Suitable packaging for sale and purchase
price golden onions in Iran

Onion exports to different countries of the world

Onions are exported from Iran to other countries. Exported onions are packaged by producers so that they can be easily transported along the way. In most kitchens, inns and restaurants, this food is found in abundance and is used to flavor a variety of foods.

Onions in Iran are divided into three groups:

There are some onions that fall into this category of onions, for example, golden onions are considered yellow onions.

The price golden onions in Iran

1 kg onion price in iran

The main center of onion production and export is the Sowdasepiaz complex, from where most of the shipments and exports to neighboring countries, including Iraq, are made, and the brokers of this city have the highest profit. Short-day onion cultivation in some agricultural lands of Jiroft is done by farmers and capable people. The onion market in this city has been very prosperous, which can meet the needs of the country.

Customers can buy high quality Sowdasepiaz onions anywhere in the country in general and in detail, which can be reasonable in terms of price. Iranian onions are distributed and distributed directly in agencies across the country, which include a variety of colors and are sweet in taste.

The price golden onions in Iran

Production of the best types of golden onions

A variety of yellow or golden onions are planted in different tropical regions of the country and are harvested during care and irrigation operations. Annual production of this type of vegetable is high in different regions, which is responsible for the whole country.

Golden onions are offered to consumers in small and large samples, and most of the water is used for various purposes. You can buy the best and most quality onions daily from Tareh Bar squares in part or in full.

price golden onions in Iran

Direct supply of Iranian onions

Agencies and fruit and vegetable stores offer customers a wide variety of bulbs, such as onions and fries. In large cities, there are a wide range of products that distribute a variety of products, including onions and garlic. Each of these onions is made from the right seeds. White Seed of Tehran Plateau is one of the best-selling seeds in the market, which is planted and irrigated with high quality onions.

The price golden onions in Iran

iran onion price

Throughout the year and around the clock, buying and selling onions in the country has been great, and consumers have put these summer vegetables in the main food group. As you all know, the properties of onions are very high and they are used in different ways.

Every day, fruit and vegetable sellers bring a variety of fresh and dried onions to their stores in bulk and make them available to consumers.

price golden onions in Iran
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