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Sort and production of white onions in Iran

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Price list of Iranian onions

Onions are one of the most widely consumed items by the general public today. The extraordinary properties of onions have led to an increase in the production of white onions, and even nutritionists recommend consuming them during the day, along with various foods.

Sort white onions in Iran

iran onion price

Onion consumption is high throughout the country, and many manufacturers are trying to meet the need to offer quality products at reasonable prices in the market and make them available to customers.

The question is which onion is right for you to eat? This is an issue that has occupied the minds of many consumers.

On the front, we look at the characteristics of white and red onions.

Numerous sales centers in Iran provide this product to consumers in a guaranteed way.

Iran is one of the countries that has made significant progress today in the field of agriculture and the production of various products, so the desired products can be purchased with sufficient confidence.

production of white onions in Iran

The best white onion supply center in Iran

East Azerbaijan holds the record for onion production in the country. In this region, the conditions are very suitable for the production of this product, and the producers, after planting and harvesting, send this product to different cities that are weaker in terms of production.

The properties of onions depend to a great extent on the quality of the product. This means that if the onion is of high quality, the effect it has on the body of consumers is greater and stronger.

Onions have special properties. For example, we can mention the properties of yellow onions for cysts. The elements in this type of onion can eliminate some of the cysts that are created in the body for various reasons.

We can also mention the properties of onions for colds.

Onions contain a lot of vitamins, including the most important vitamin, vitamin C. These elements can protect the body against pathogens such as various germs and bacteria and prevent disease.

Paying attention to the quality and health of the product when buying is one of the most important points that customers should pay attention to and be sure to buy products that have the necessary approvals from health centers and ….

white onions in Iran

iran onion suppliers

The city of Sowdasepiaz is also one of the reputable and major producers of onions. Onions produced in Isfahan are sent to other cities and even to other countries.

Onions are high in antioxidants, so consuming them can protect the body against certain diseases, including cancer.

The antioxidants in red and white onions cleanse the body of any consumption and eliminate many of the harmful factors in the body.

The higher the quality of onions, the greater the effect of these items on the body, and therefore the cities that produce this product, such as Isfahan and East Azarbayjan, try to grow their products in the best conditions and then follow all the tips. Health and standards enter the market.

white onions in Iran

Onion export to the Persian Gulf countries

The countries bordering the Persian Gulf are not capable enough to produce onions, so they buy this product from our country.

The export onions to the countries of the Persian Gulf has steps that must be taken into account in order for the healthy and quality product to reach its destination.

It is very important to pay attention to the health of the products before exporting. Therefore, before packing and sending the onions, the farmers sort and separate them so that if the onion is damaged or damaged, it will be separated and will not harm the other products.

white onions in Iran

Iranian white onion for export

Manufacturers are trying to find a price for the product that makes it easy for the general public to buy red and white onions.

Of course, it should be noted that many factors affect the price of products.

Such as the costs incurred by manufacturers for various purposes before the product is marketed.

Storage of onions in the warehouse should be done with hygienic tips, because if the storage conditions are not suitable, the products may be severely damaged.

For example, the storage environment must be at the right temperature and have enough light to prevent spoilage of food or the activity of various microorganisms, especially fungi.

Within a year, the products of an important area, which is one of the largest and most important producers, may be seriously damaged by natural disasters and the total amount of products may decrease. In this case, the price of onions offered in other cities may be higher than before.

white onions in Iran

Selling onions for export

Coin-shaped onion or onion-shaped onion is a special type of onion that is mostly produced for export to European countries.

The appearance of these onions is similar to fig peach fruit, ie it is very small in width and longer in length. This type of onion is less produced in our country than other types.

After the production of coin onions, the producers sort and package this product and export it to the countries that have applied.

Coin onions or white and red onions are not much different.

One of the differences and disadvantages of white onions compared to red onions is that: the amount of antioxidants in red onions is higher and consuming less of it has a higher effect on the body, but in general their other properties are similar to each other.

For example, the calories of these onions are equal. Both white and red onions are classified as low-calorie foods.

There are some fiber in red and white onions, so eating onions prevents diabetes and high blood pressure and strokes and heart attacks.

One of the most important properties of red onions is to maintain blood cholesterol, which ultimately prevents cardiovascular disease at different ages.

white onions in Iran
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