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White onion special shopping center in Iran

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White onion shopping center in Iran

Iran is one of the largest onion producers in the world, which is produced and supplied in different cities with very high quality and is one of the most consumed products in the food basket of families. For special purchase of white onions, you can refer to farmers or reputable sites. In the following, we will discuss the export, the best sales center, its store in Sowdasepiaz, its guaranteed purchase from farmers, and so on.

White onion shopping center in Iran

onion exporters in iran

Many trading companies are active in exporting onions to European countries, such as Sweden, which is very popular due to the high quality of this Iranian product, which is very profitable for these companies and the best examples of which are It is specified in size and weight and is used in stylish and varied packaging in Europe.

European countries are buyers of quality, high-quality and luxurious onions in Iran, which are sent to Scandinavian countries in appropriate sizes. Also, its price is very reasonable.

White onion shopping center in Iran

Iran Onion Center

Grade 1 white onion is harvested significantly in Sowdasepiaz every year and has the highest level of cultivation and due to its high quality, it has many fans from all over the country. It is also exported to other countries with the best quality. Due to the favorable climatic conditions, a variety of agricultural and horticultural products are grown in this city, and in winter, farmers can produce all kinds of them and send them to the market for sale.

It is one of the most useful plants, which in addition to food consumption, also has many medicinal properties for the body, which gives a wonderful taste to all kinds of foods, and it is harvested in all four seasons. In spring and summer, yellow and white onions Yellow, red and white varieties are also available on the market in the fall and winter.

White onion shopping center in Iran

iranian red onion exporter and prices

Its varieties are exported to Iraq in white, red and yellow colors with the best quality and are usually exported in 10 kg packages, which are usually used in healthy and high quality sizes in medium sizes for export to other countries. . Arab countries are fans of all kinds of this high-quality Iranian product, a significant amount of which is exported to these countries every year with the best quality.

Its export is highly profitable for traders and good for the country, and creates economic and trade exchanges between Iran and other countries, as well as new job opportunities.

White onion shopping center in Iran

iran onion suppliers

Buyers are looking to buy high-quality, medium-sized samples that are available in three sizes: small, medium and large. This product has a high moisture content and a good aroma, which you should pay a lot of attention to its appearance, strong texture and juiciness when buying. In stores, leisure fields, etc., it is offered to customers at a reasonable price, which is low and affordable in bulk buying and selling, and has a good profit for the buyer and seller, and attracts more customers. .

Its characteristics are sweet taste, use in salads and barbecues and are offered in the market in all four seasons. It has a variety of vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, sulfur, iron, folic acid and antioxidants. Being a variety of nutrients has many healing properties for the body and is very beneficial that can be used raw and cooked. Its benefits include:

  • It is useful for the digestive system
  • It is also good for kidney and bladder health and skin.
  • heart health
  • Anticancer
  • Improve respiratory infections
  • Improve diabetes and …
White onion shopping center in Iran

Sale of exported golden onions

One of the best-selling and most practical types is the golden onion, which has a colorful skin and its inner layers are yellowish white, and the harvest season is between spring and autumn. It has a high durability and is one of the most suitable types for export. Onions and agricultural products are sold in reputable centers and online stores with high quality and reasonable prices.

One of the easiest ways to make it is to buy onions online, which, due to being up-to-date and providing ideal conditions for shopping, many people prefer to buy from them, as well as buying from these centers at cost. Side and extra traffic is prevented and in the shortest time you will receive high quality products at a cheap price.

Variety of fresh products, good quality, reasonable prices, 24-hour service, etc. are some of the benefits of online shopping that customers are very welcome.

White onion shopping center in Iran

Onion export to Bulgaria in the country

One of the countries that buys this product is high quality Bulgarian agriculture, which is exported in various packages in medium size and size, and due to its reasonable price and high quality, it is very bestseller and is welcomed by many customers. . Iranian onions are popular in different countries due to their quality and reasonable price, hygienic packaging, high variety, and so on.

Its size depends on various factors such as type, place of cultivation and the distance between the planted product, and planting at close range reduces its size, and usually the yellow type is larger than the red one.

White onion shopping center in Iran

1 kg onion price in iran

Buying bulk white onions from farmers is very affordable, which is bought at a low price and high quality, and the total purchase price is much less than a partial price. Also, the daily price of onions depends on the type, quality, supply and demand, size and size. And … it depends that one of the easiest ways to inquire about prices is to enter reputable sites because they are updated every day.

Gol onion sales center in the country offers its customers with the best quality and reasonable prices. Also, online stores offer it to customers with cheap prices and high quality.

White onion shopping center in Iran
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