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onion import from iran | iran onion

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Selling red onions for exportBuy white onions onlineonion exporters in iranIran's largest onion production centeronion import from iran1 kg onion price in iraniran onion price
onion import from iran

Onion is a fruit with different colors, each of which has properties, including the unique properties of this fruit, such as its antioxidant properties. If we want to name one of the examples of this fruit, red onion is a very suitable option. In Iran, many lands are cultivated every year, and the number of these lands increases with increasing demand to meet the needs of the people. In markets across the country, there are centers that supply red onions. They prepare and deliver the product to customers based on the order of the customers. Supplies are made in bulk so that customers get more product and pay less.

  onion import from iran

Selling red onions for export

The unique properties and high quality and low price of Iranian red onions have made trading companies compete with each other and stop thinking about trading this product. Every year, a significant amount of this product is sent to other countries.

The more sales centers have to offer customers products, the more people they will certainly attract. Sales are done by different organs in both face-to-face and online form so that each customer chooses how to buy and organ, depending on their situation. The sale of red onions has flourished. Sales are mostly done in bulk, which also brings Kenny costs to customers, which makes them satisfied.

  onion import from iran

Buy white onions online

To provide their products to major and minor buyers, each company designs online stores on online sites and puts them on a fixed sales channel. The centers that do the cooking in bulk are the top buyers of this product. With the advancement of technology and science and the establishment of these sites, the work of buyers to prepare this fruit has become easier.

Online shopping is such that the customer visits the site, sees the samples, pays the fee electronically, and then receives it free of charge at the door. Buying red onions has increased dramatically in recent years. By visiting reputable sites, you can view and read the characteristics of white onions so that you can buy the best sample at the time of purchase.

  onion import from iran

onion exporters in iran

Some retailers offer it to people at a cheaper price to maintain the credibility and stability of their products, increasing consumer prices. Most domestic retailers consider customer purchasing power and supply the goods according to their needs. Reputable stores are another center for offering quality products.

Most of the offers are made mainly under the supervision of agencies. Each supplier is obliged to put the best samples in durable packaging and deliver them to the customers correctly and safely by choosing a standard vehicle. Commercial companies are responsible for supplying first-class and quality onions to other countries.

  onion import from iran

Iran’s largest onion production center

Iran is one of the largest producers of onions in the Middle East. There are several farmers who plant this crop. Some of them are among the largest onion producers in Iran, but their brand and products are known and consumed in the world.

Every producer, considering the following points such as: climate, soil, type of water, method of irrigation, fertilizers, etc., cultivates this product in the country of WB and produces high quality onions. With the increase in demand, onion production has also increased. Farmers produce first-class onions, which are very popular in the domestic market and are among the top products.

  onion import from iran

onion import from iran

There are many shops in Isfahan that sell this fruit. These stores offer a variety of fruits and vegetables to customers at reasonable prices. Some of these stores also meet the needs of customers by phone and online and meet their needs.

In these stores, all kinds of onions such as white, red, yellow and gold onions are bought and sold. They go directly to the manufacturers and wholesale the product and sell it to them depending on the needs of the customers. Most stores across the country sell their products online and provide a complete list of their products and provide them to the consumer.

  onion import from iran

1 kg onion price in iran

Fereydunshahr is one of the cities that has the largest production of onion bulbs. Manufacturers in this city are responsible for the distribution. Distributions are based on customer orders. To promote and attract customers, distribution companies must select the best samples that are of the highest quality for distribution.

Distribution of this product is done in bulk or packaged, the type of which is done depending on the customer’s request. Major distributions have lower prices than packaging samples. The distributor must be skilled in preparing onions so that he can distinguish between good and bad onions.

  onion import from iran

iran onion price

After determining the price of red onions and other samples, manufacturers make lists and present them to sales centers and trading companies. In these lists, there are complete specifications of each sample along with its exact and up-to-date price. Among the specifications in these lists can be:

  • Onion type
  • Cultivation rate
  • Properties
  • Quality degree
  • new price

Cited. Prices are changing and rising every day because of the economic conditions in society. Traders can easily create these lists by visiting websites.

  onion import from iran
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