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onion exporter from iran

Onion is a type of plant food that is rich in nutrients and has high properties. Consumption of this nutrient is effective in treating many diseases, including colds, diarrhea, infections, etc. There are two types of red and white onions, both of which have many benefits. Every year, all kinds of white onions are exported to the countries bordering the Persian Gulf. Due to the nutritional value of this product and its high cultivation in Iran, the export of white onions to neighboring countries is very high.

onion exporter from iran

Types of Iranian onions

Due to its high consumption, onion planting is done in most different cities of Iran, which are suitable for onion planting in terms of climate. This product has different types such as red, yellow, white and onion bulbs.

This product is one of the low calorie foods but with high properties. This food is widely used in cooking and gives food a unique taste. Onions are usually consumed in any type of stew and are one of the main flavors of stew.

Onions are a type of onion that is commonly used in eating and cooking vegetables. This product is very popular in all kinds of vegetables. The amazing properties of this type of onion have made it medicinal.

The unique properties of this product include the treatment of diseases such as colon cancer, influenza and earache.

onion exporter from iran

What is the difference between different types

Onions are usually no different in terms of calories, but their properties can vary somewhat. For example, red onions contain more antioxidants than other types, and this unique feature is more effective in treating cancer, especially colon and breast cancer, and preventing cell erosion.

Eating red onions lowers bad cholesterol in the blood and maintains good cholesterol. The presence of good cholesterol in the blood makes the heart and body healthy.

Buying red onions is usually a little cheaper than white onions. Usually in the harvest season of this product, which is found in abundance, it can be bought at a lower price in the market.

Onions are very good for the health of teeth and bones. People with osteoarthritis and rheumatism have joint pain. This nutritious food can reduce their pain.

onion exporter from iran

iran onions

The properties of all onions are the same, except that red onions have more properties than other onions. Due to the presence of anthocyanins in this product, it has a more colorful color than other onions. And that’s why the antioxidant properties and other benefits outweigh the other types of onions.

Red onions are more resistant to cancer and are more effective in preventing and treating diseases such as colds than white onions. This product is a tonic for those who suffer from nasal congestion and allergies, and it removes sinuses from any kind of germs and opens the nasal passages.

Don’t forget onions to have beautiful and healthy skin. Onion juice is a strong and effective mask in the treatment of acne and pimples and will eliminate them in a short time. This unique product is also amazing for skin health, especially for those who suffer from low back and hair loss.

onion exporter from iran

iranian red onion exporter and prices

To buy different types of onions, you can visit its shopping center in different cities. Faster and easier access to these centers is possible through the site and online. To buy good quality products, you need to buy from a reputable seller.

To buy white and red onions, it is very important to pay attention to the color and juiciness of the taste and quality of the product. Onions that are soft and smell rotten cannot be used.

The planting season of this plant product as well as the red onion season is in the cold seasons of the year. This plant product grows well at 12 to 13 degrees.

onion exporter from iran

onion price in iran today

The properties of onions in any type are very high. Here are some examples of the properties of this product:

  • Useful for skin, hair and tooth health
  • Prevention and treatment of diseases such as colds, flu and allergies
  • Effective in treating colon and breast cancer
  • Relieve menstrual cramps
  • Reduce stress and strengthen nerves
  • Strengthen sexual power

To answer the question of what kind of onion is good for hair, we must say that this product, in any form, is a natural and unique medicine to strengthen and grow your hair. How to use this unique mask is to first take onion juice and mix it with vegetable oils such as rosemary and apply it to the roots of the hair and its tip, repeating this process will get rid of hair loss.

Do you know the price of white and red onions in today’s market? To get the price list of different types of this product, especially high quality white onions, you can refer to the online stores of this product and buy it at a cheap price and first class quality.

onion exporter from iran

onion exporters in iran

One of the unique properties of onions is the elimination of microbes from the body due to its high antioxidant content. Onion incense for a person with a cold can open the way to the sinuses and relieve nasal congestion. It also shortens the course of cold treatment.

The harms of white onions are very small and only if you overdo it you may suffer from heartburn and also due to the warm nature of onions, its high consumption is harmful for breastfeeding mothers. But if you balance this plant product in your daily diet, you will be safe from many diseases.

Buying any product directly and directly from the manufacturer can be very effective in its final price. The direct supply of oyster onions in the market reduces the price of this product and is more economical for the customer.

onion exporter from iran
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