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Iran’s largest onion buying and selling site

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Buy Iranian Golden OnionWholesale onionsHow to freeze hot onions?Gold and dry onion supply in the marketBuy Iranian onions in the country's marketsAll kinds of Iranian golden onions for exportExport all kinds of first class golden onions abroad
Iran's largest onion selling site

The largest gold onion shopping site in the country has been launched, which can distribute the best onions among customers at all hours of the day and night. Golden onions have been in the group of edible vegetables since ancient times and have been cultivated in different parts of Iran and the world and use this main food to cook some foods.

Iran's onion buying and selling site

Buy Iranian Golden Onion

Onions are often packaged and marketed after frying; in most restaurants, onions are used in a variety of ways during the day to cook a variety of dishes. People who are looking for good quality onions can buy this food from convenience stores at reasonable prices.

As you know, onions are in the group of summer crops and have many properties for the human body. In different foods and types of stews, white and fresh onions are used to give a delicious taste to these foods. These onions are normally and naturally three groups that are different in terms of color. Here are some types of onions:

  • Brown or yellow onions
  • Red onions
  • Spring onions or leeks

Each of these onions is consumed by consumers during the day. In addition to oral consumption, its water is used to smoke willow and prevent mosquito bites.

Iran's onion buying and selling site

Wholesale onions

Fried onions are fried in factories using special machines and then put in suitable packages. This food must be completely hygienic and under the supervision of the Ministry, because it absorbs germs quickly. Provide hygiene. Industrial dried onions are available in Iranian markets at different prices, which customers can buy from grocery stores. Industrial onions are dried and some are powdered.

You can search the dry onion production method on the Internet and reputable sites so that you can get the necessary information in this regard.

Iran's onion buying and selling site

How to freeze hot onions?

Most women buy bulk bulbs from fruit and vegetable shops, which fry them after washing and chopping. When the onion turns golden, it means that the gas flame can be turned off. . Hot and fried onions are placed in suitable packages, then placed in the refrigerator or freezer and used to cook a variety of Iranian dishes.

Just as consuming onions can be effective in treating a variety of ailments, overuse can have consequences, so it’s best not to overdo it. If you want to buy good quality onions, the best is the white and juicy type.

Iran's largest onion buying

Gold and dry onion supply in the market

In the Iranian markets, a variety of golden and dried onions are offered to the markets in appropriate packages. The production volume of this food is very high in Iranian factories, and it can be seen in most food stores located in urban centers. Each has its own brand and brand. Fried onions have high sales in Iran and major cities. In traditional medicine, the use of this nutrient is highly emphasized, which can be useful for treating some diseases.

Onions have a high nutritional value and contain a variety of vitamins, especially type C, phosphorus, calcium and potassium. In this section, we will talk about the properties of onions:

  • Prevent and kill cancer cells
  • It lowers blood sugar.
  • Prevent and improve cardiovascular disease
  • It digests food and strengthens the stomach

In addition to the above, onions are very useful for the health of the human body, which is widely consumed by the Iranian people and has high sales in the country.

Iran's largest onion buying site

Buy Iranian onions in the country’s markets

In all parts of the country, the market for buying and selling onions is very hot. Most farmers cultivate this type of vegetable during the year and market it after harvest. The price of golden onion can be asked by all customers from downtown or internet sites. Most onions are reasonably priced and all consumers can afford them. Fried onions are often high in nutrients and raw onions have medicinal properties.

People with high blood pressure should not overeat cooked onions, and it is better to use raw and sweet onions. As you know, raw onions can not be stored for a long time, so it is better to fry it and freeze it. Bring it out.

Iran's largest onion selling site

All kinds of Iranian golden onions for export

Some onions grown in different parts of Iran are mainly exported to other areas in the summer after harvest. Hot onion chips are export onions that have been marketed by Iranian traders mainly in suitable packages.

Gold onions in small and large sizes are offered raw and fried to markets and sales centers, each of which has different prices and many customers.

Iran's largest onion selling site

Export all kinds of first class golden onions abroad

Types of red, yellow and spring onions that are grown in Iran by farmers and exported to other foreign countries after harvest. Some of these onions are fried and some are raw, both of which are of first-class quality. The price of fried onions is more expensive than the raw type and can be easily used in food.

The volume of onion exports throughout the year and in different places is very high, which leads to the prosperity of agriculture and the country’s exports. Traders inside and outside Iran can be active in the field of trade in this product.

Iran's largest onion selling site
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