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White onion wholesaler in Iran

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White onion wholesaler

These days, onions are one of the most essential foods for cooking most foods. Aside from the amazing properties it is selling, it is being marketed by the white onion dealer and it is thriving these days these years.
This amazing and high-quality ingredient has become a commercially valuable commodity these days and has a high economic value for both farmers and retailers. In today’s competitive world, most agricultural products are bought and sold by big businessmen.

White onion wholesaler

iran onion export

White onion sellers have incorporated this gourmet ingredient, one of the many colorful varieties of onions with unique and unique properties, into the category of commercially valuable commodities because of its versatility in cooking.
Based on our research, we concluded that Qatar is one of the leading importers of Iranian onions and that this product is not imported from Qatar to Iran.
In some cases when our country is forced to import this product, sometimes there have been cases when Iran has imported onions from neighboring Arab countries such as Qatar, but in recent years, with the growth of the agricultural industry and the careful planning of the Iranian businessmen to one. Has become an exporter of this product.

Qatar is also one of the major importers of Iranian onions.
Since onions are available in three main colors: white, yellow and red and each of these colors has a unique property, it can be said that the use of this valuable substance requires information on the properties of each color. This is the product.

For example, one of the many properties of red onion is that it is a rich source of sulfur, calcium, sugar, potassium, sodium, iodine, silica, iron, phosphorus and a variety of vitamins A, B, and C.

It should be noted that a substance with this set of vitamins can be very beneficial to the health of the body and guarantees its use. This onion, among other colors, gives less flavor and is used more often in raw salads and sandwiches.

In terms of the properties of other onion colors such as yellow onion and white onion, these two types of sulfur are more intense and give the food more flavor and give it an extraordinary aroma and taste.

White onion wholesaler

iranian onion exporters

In today’s competitive world, the sale of onion varieties is very common and due to its properties some are very popular among exporters and consumers.
Golden onion exports are much higher among traders than other onions.
Since yellow onion or golden onion is a versatile onion among the onions, it gives the cooks a very good fragrance and attracts a lot of attention from the chefs.
Of the properties of yellow onions, it is high in sulfur and gives good aroma. Many women complain of the strong smell of this onion due to its high sulfur content, but the strong smell of the onion has caused a tear to the eye that is very subtle, and research has shown that tears The use of onions helps to improve the eyesight and prevent the aging of the eye, and it cleanses the eye of potential germs and has many benefits.

We mentioned in the previous section what red onion is like and it is more nutritious than yellow and white onions and is more used for salads and raw consumption in restaurants next to food.
So buying red onions from restaurants is common and served as raw food.

White onion wholesaler

onion price in iran today

Sorting onions in the country is done both manually and machine.
In this process, the onions are separated in size and shipped to places such as stores, shops and for export.
In addition to the color of the onions, the sausage is considered in the sorting.

Like onions, garlic is a valuable agricultural product and has numerous health benefits. It is also available in two colors: white and red. Now that white garlic is better or red, red garlic has more benefits than white garlic and has a great role in treating many diseases of women. It is recommended for women to take it daily. The onion price in iran today can be found in this collection.

White onion wholesaler

Iran’s largest white onion supply center

You can search Iran’s largest white onion market in Sowda Sepiaz fruit and vegetable market or by reading about where this product is produced and visiting its product dealers.
Of course, if you intend to buy it in bulk, you could otherwise obtain it from the fruit wholesalers of your area and use it.
To identify a good onion you need to have some general information about the onion types and then you can tailor it to your needs.

White onion has its advantages and disadvantages.
The onion of white onions is that the onion, because of its warm nature, is not beneficial for the hot temper and its high consumption can cause headaches and cause forgetfulness.
Excessive consumption can cause heartburn, so keep your onion balance and take advantage of its benefits.

White onion wholesaler

Buy Sowda Sepiaz Onions

The bulk of the onion ports are traded in the Sowda Sepiaz complex and are mainly exported to countries bordering Iran’s southern cities.
In this series you can get acquainted with the properties of white onions and other onions, as well as information on the properties of onions for colds.
By searching the relevant site you can find and find out the list of countries where the onion port is exported.

White onion wholesaler

Iran Onion Market

Since onions are cultivated in many areas of Iran, it can be said that most farmers produce onions in areas such as the Sowda Sepiaz complex.
This city is like other cities in south pole of onion production in Iran.
The city exports its own onions to neighboring southern Iran, such as Qatar, Iraq, the UAE and Turkey, and has contributed greatly to Iran’s economic boom.

White onion wholesaler

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