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Price Changes Of Onions From 2019 Until 2020 Is September A Good Month For Buying Onions? How Many Onions Are In A Kilogram?
Sizes Of Onions In The Market
Why Buying Onions In Bulk Is Better? Is Wholesale Price Of Onion The Same For Exporters? Best Sellers & Buyers Of Onion In Global Market
Onion For Sale

There are several varieties of onion in Iran, each of which has unique properties. These properties and properties make these onions have special uses as well. In this post we will be introducing the properties of Yellow Onion as well as the Yellow Onion Sale website. Onions for sale in Iran are made by onion wholesalers like Sowda Sepiaz Collection.

Onion For Sale

Price Changes Of Onions From 2019 Until 2020

As you know, onions have many varieties, the most important of which are:

  • Yellow onion
  • White onion
  • Red onion
  • Tree onion

Each of these onions has unique characteristics that have specific applications through these properties. The most important characteristics of red onions are:

  1. Red onions have a mild and sweet taste.
  2. The red color of these onions disappears when cooked.
  3. Red onion is rich in antioxidants.
  4. Consumption of red onions largely prevents cancer.
  5. Red chives keep blood cholesterol at a constant level.
  6. Red onions do not give food a special taste or color.
  7. This type of onion is not used in cooking.
  8. Red onions are usually eaten raw.

The highest consumption of red onions is in the preparation of salads and sandwiches.

Red onion is a product of the cold season and is mainly cultivated and cultivated in cold regions of Iran. In other words, the red onion season is the autumn season. Iranian red onion has been exported to other countries and export red onion is available through this website. Onion prices have been very high from 2019 to 2020 and have increased in price each season.

Onion For Sale

Is September A Good Month For Buying Onions?

Is September A Good Month For Buying Onions? One of the sources of income in any country is the production and export of onions. Iran is one of the best exporters in the region with the right conditions for onion cultivation and production. Although the onion export in Iran is lower than the global exporters, due to the high quality of onion in Iran, its export is one of the important sources of income in the country.

Iran usually exports its onions to the region. One of Iran’s onion buyer countries is Iraq. Iranian exported onions are selected from top grade red, yellow and white onions and are offered to the world market with special packaging.

The largest onion producing cities in Iran are:

  • Esfahan
  • Tabriz
  • Khuzestan
  • Kermanshah
  • Zanjan
  • Kerman
  • Hormozgan

One of the most important factors affecting onion export success is the use of higher quality products and better packaging.

Onion For Sale

How Many Onions Are In A Kilogram?

As you know, exporting onions is very important and therefore every country that has the conditions for cultivation and production will do so. Exported onions are usually selected from the best produced onions.

So far, the quality of onions and their packaging have had a significant impact on the export and its success. But the most important factor affecting the growth of Iran’s onion export is marketing strategies in world markets.

Today, the use of digital media and the efficiency of online businesses have made a significant difference. Therefore, using internet services is the best solution to enter the global markets.
There are 4 onions to 13 onions per kilogram which we can pack according to your order.

Onion For Sale

Sizes Of Onions In The Market

As mentioned earlier, white onions are another important type of onion that has its own unique characteristics. Here are some of the most important properties of white onion.

  • White onion is a kind of dried onion.
  • The skin of this onion is completely white.
  • This onion has a mild and sweet taste.
  • This onion cannot be stored for long.
  • White onions are often used to make Mexican dishes.
  • In supermarkets the size of each onion should be between 4cm to 7cm.
Onion For Sale

Why Buying Onions In Bulk Is Better?

Yellow onion is the most used type of onion in Iran. This onion is excellent in nutritional value and taste. Here we present the most important features and applications of yellow onions.

  1. Yellow onion is a general purpose onion.
  2. This onion has an excellent taste.
  3. Yellow onions are used to cook meat, stew, and a variety of Iranian dishes.
  4. The yellow onion has a yellow or brown shell.
  5. Inside this onion is completely white.
  6. Peeling and sipping yellow onions irritate the eyes.
  7. Yellow onion is not very suitable for raw consumption.
  8. Yellow onion is the best onion for cooking.

We have so far provided information on all three types of onions and their properties, but it is important to know that each of these onions has amazing properties for human health. Therefore, from the medical point of view, consumption of all three types is highly recommended and it is best to use it in any diet.

You can also buy yellow onions like the onion varieties through the sale website of this product.

Onion For Sale

Is Wholesale Price Of Onion The Same For Exporters?

In the past, Iran did not have enough self-sufficiency in onion production. Therefore, onions were imported to Iran from countries such as the UAE. The UAE is active in producing yellow onions and has a significant impact on the global onion market.
Nowadays Iran is exporting onions to the countries of the region and supplying its consumed onions.

Yellow onion produced in Iran is the most consumed type of onion. Because:

  • Yellow onion has a wonderful flavor and aroma.
  • It has a special effect on foods because of its taste and aroma.
  • Yellow onions are used in all Iranian dishes.
  • The best onion for roasting is yellow onion.
Onion For Sale

Best Sellers & Buyers Of Onion In Global Market

Autumn season is the onion harvest season. The supply of fresh onions throughout the country is taking place this season. Bulbs are also mainly produced in Iran during this season and are used in cooking. The onion is completely different to the onion, and here we tell you the difference between onion and onion:

  • The onion is a foliage plant.
  • Onions do not produce onions.
  • Propagated by plant splitting.
  • Its cultivation is by seed.
  • They can also be planted in early spring.
Onion For Sale
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