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Convenient onion for storage Buy onions for storage Important tips when harvesting onions for storage Suitable mesh for onion packaging Wholesale onion sale Methods of storing onions Sowda Sepiaz Collection Buy onions at best price
Buy Onions for Storage

Buying onions for storage is one of the major needs of the fall and winter seasons because of the inability to harvest onions in all provinces and the onions need to be maintained to meet market needs. Be provided. The Sowda Se Collection with onion bulk allows you to make your purchases in bulk.

Buy Onions for Storage

Convenient onion for storage

Onions that are harvested in spring and summer are not recommended for storage, as these onions are freshly harvested daily and should be used for 8 days to a week. The onions harvested in the fall are suitable for storage, are more resistant and can be stored. Conveniently stored onions in this collection are sold at the best prices every year.

Buy Onions for Storage

Buy onions for storage

There are many things to keep in store for onions and buy from those who have years of experience. You should also have a good place to store it to protect it from moisture and rain and not sprout. Keeping onions is very important to prevent budding and you should put things on the agenda so that you do not get hurt.

Buy Onions for Storage

Important tips when harvesting onions for storage

Harvesting should be done on time, not earlier or later, when the onion leaves turn yellow and wither. Before harvesting, watering should be cut off and no nitrogen fertilizer used in the later stages of growth, which increases the storage life.
It is also important to ensure that the onions are dried and harvested properly to reduce damage as well as their transportation and transportation.
It can also be important to isolate damaged onions before storage, temperature, humidity and ventilation.

Buy Onions for Storage

Suitable mesh for onion packaging

Other important for onion storage is the onion packaging, which is also important in onion storage, for the onion storage note that the following are very important:

  • Ease of packing
  • Air conditioning inside the bag
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to carry
Buy Onions for Storage

Wholesale onion sale

Bulk sale of bulbs is done both pre-harvest in this set as pre-sale and when bulk sale is offered at best price. Here are some things to do during harvest:

  • The onion is fully ripe.
  • Before the rains start.
  • You can make your purchase at harvest time and it is best to have the onion shipped for storage.
  • Onion leaves are dried.
Buy Onions for Storage

Methods of storing onions

Onions can be stored in various ways for storing:

  • In the fridge
  • In the niches
  • Outdoor

After selecting the desired location you can do the following:

  • In bulk.
  • Keep in big boxes (Crete)
  • Wrap and put on pallets.

Long-term onion maintenance depends on the maintenance system as well as the type of onion and the maintenance of high cold and high heat. The following can also be helpful for maintenance:

The storage temperature and relative humidity must remain constant during storage.
Relative humidity for onion storage is between 4-5% and standard.
Onions should have a relative cold in the refrigerator and aeration should also take place in the freezer.
Exterior air can be brought into the warehouse if the outside air is less than the air inside the warehouse.
The air must be fresh in all periods of malting.
In the fridge during the first two months the onion root and root are not produced, but after two months you need to be more careful and monitor the humidity and heat of the warehouse.
It is not recommended to store onions at temperatures above 2 ° C and above 2 ° C.
It is best not to do the onion sorting but to remove the broken and injured onions.

Buy Onions for Storage

Sowda Sepiaz Collection

Soda collection of three onions with onion cultivation in recent years as well as sending onions to different cities of the country as well as exporting it to different countries have provided the onion buyers with the best conditions and complete information that this collection They have the best purchase and they can accompany us throughout the year.

Buy Onions for Storage

Buy onions at best price

Onions are sold at the best prices at harvest time in the Soda Collection, onions have different varieties, some of which are not suitable for storage and have a high shelf life that focuses on the seed planted and the best for Leads buyers to the harvest phase.

Buy Onions for Storage
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