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How to Grow and Care for Onions?Is it better to grow onions from seeds?Where can I find onion seeds and plants in bulk?How deep should I plant onion plants?Can you grow onions from an onion?Best varieties of onions for cultivating in gardensWholesalers and distributors of onion plantsHow to start producing onions?When should you plant onions?How much is a plant of onion?

The onion plant flower is one of the oldest crops that has been used as a food flavoring and medicine for thousands of years. They are usually chopped onions and used in a variety of hearty and hot dishes, and may be used as the main ingredient in foods such as French onion soup or onion chutney. Onion uses are: bake, boil, lightly bake, roast, fry, cook in oil, roast, or pour into raw salad. Onions due to their natural layering after cooking are suitable for filling various materials inside. Pickled onions are eaten as edible.

How to Grow and Care for Onions?

How to Grow and Care for Onions?Among the onion growing tips, propagation of onions and Harvesting onions (such as harvesting red onions) are:

It is best to spend enough time preparing the proper soil before planting an organic onion. Onions have shallow roots, require fertile soil and plenty of water. Prepare the soil first and make sure you have enough water.

Soften the soil to a depth of 6 inches. Work hard on compost to increase soil fertility and water retention. Loosen soil and remove any clumps. Since the onion root is short, it cannot compete with weeds over water and nutrients. Try to remove weeds from the beginning, and a regular watering program is also essential.

The onion prefers light, sandy soil, pot soil, proper drainage and full light. It also grows in other soils such as clay. Green onions are also served in a semi-shady location.

Spacing depends on the type of onion. Usually 3 to 4 inches wide for organic green onions and thinning to at least 5 to 6 inches wide to obtain large onions. The proper distance between the bushes affects the size of the onion.  One week after the leaves have faded, the crop can be harvested.

Is it better to grow onions from seeds?

Is it better to grow onions from seeds? Planting onion with seeds is very suitable for farmers. In planting one type of onion, the onion seed may be the first seed you see in the garden in early spring, as well as the last crop you harvest at the end of autumn. Onions are the product of a cool season that is planted in bunches, seeds or transplants. Organic onion seeds are easier than organic batch or transplant. The young onion plant stays in the soil in the cold air until the ground is frozen. Plant the seed directly in the garden or do it indoors early.

In late winter or early spring, plant seeds in a tray and then move to the garden. This takes more time and is the most economical way to produce onions in the backyard garden.

how to grow onions from seed? Planting of onion seeds varies in different fields.

  • Primary seed sowing: This method is used in areas where herbicides are used. Growing weeds during the winter means that mechanized sowing is not mechanized. Approximately 2 to 5 kg of seed per hectare is required.
  • Seed planting in the nursery and transplanting the seedlings to the main land: The transplanting is done concurrently with the second stage of root growth.
  • Large-scale planting: Onion seeds can be planted in nurseries or directly in the main field. Seed sowing is carried out in the treasury in February and transferred to the main land in late March.

Where can I find onion seeds and plants in bulk?

Where can I find onion seeds and plants in bulk? To buy bulk seeds and herbs in bulk you can visit the following centers:

  • Production Centers
  • Resellers
  • Online Stores
  • Wholesale

Despite the availability of such products, bulk onions can be purchased from various centers for all buyers. It’s also worth noting that buying bulk and high quality onions can be done in a variety of ways, such as visiting reputable sales sites for a minimal cost and on the other hand, it doesn’t take much time.

How deep should I plant onion plants?

How deep should I plant onion plants? Depth of planting:

The depth of planting of bulbs that are planted for green onions is about 3 to 2 cm. That they should be planted close together so that they can interact with each other. The distance between their planting lines is about 30 cm and when the plant reaches 10 cm in length, it is shed at the foot of the plant to become part of the white onion.

The depth of planting of bulbs for onion production is about 1.5 cm and the distance between two plants is 70 to 7 cm and the distance of planting lines is 30-40 cm. Because our goal is to produce dry onions. There is no soil around the plant. Because the storage properties of onions are reduced.

Can you grow onions from an onion?

 Many people always ask the question, can you grow onions from an onions? The answer is yes. Onion sets are varieties of onions that are produced in one season and harvested before they reach maturity and are planted in the following season to produce larger onions. Gardeners prefer the onion sets, as the onion is slightly more resistant to the onion seed in adverse weather conditions.

Best varieties of onions for cultivating in gardens

Best varieties of onions for cultivating in gardens  One of the best varieties of onions for gardening is red onions. Among the features of red onion are:

  • The red onion has a red skin and a reddish-white interior.
  • This type of onion is also useful in the treatment of diarrhea and other diseases.
  • This type of onion has a strong sharpness and, due to its sharpness, it is raw and tasty.
  • Because this onion is cooked by sulfuric baking in fancy restaurants, it is never cooked.
  • This onion has a mild taste and is best used in raw salads or main course decorations.
  • In addition, this onion is the most suitable and excellent option for pickled onions.

Wholesalers and distributors of onion plants

Wholesalers and distributors of onion plants  Wholesalers and distributors of onion plants sell their products at reasonable prices throughout the international market. It is noteworthy that the bulk purchases of onions that are nowadays being made by major buyers are being made by numerous centers such as dealers. It may be worth pointing out the major buying advantages of the resellers that each buyer offers:

  • Buying more varieties of fruits such as onions from the resellers of these products will include a greater variety of buyers.
  • In this center prices are set cheaper.
  • It will make transportation easier.

How to start producing onions?

How to start producing onions? To start onion production you need to know all about the onion type and its growth characteristics so that you can produce a quality product. Among the requirements for onion production are:

  • Type of agricultural land
  • Type of fertilizer
  • Irrigation of land
  • The degree of heat and cold
  • Enough light
  • Harvest time

When should you plant onions?

When should you plant onions? Onions are a popular vegetable for home gardeners due to their many uses. Easily grown and requires little space. The growing season is short, meaning harvest in the spring and then dry and store for winter use.

If onions are not planted at the right time, they will not grow easily. Onions perish in cold weather. If you plant your own seeds, plant them indoors at least 6 weeks before planting outdoors. Be sure to plant the onion 6 weeks before the last average daily frost, then set a date.

How much is a plant of onion?

 The size of the onion plant varies according to different factors. Among the most important determinants of onion size are:

  • Onion type
  • Place of cultivation
  • Distance between planted onions

Typically, to plant onions, line the plants 4 to 5 inches apart to produce large onions, and the close distance significantly reduces onion size. The type of onions also affects their size. For example, yellow onions are larger than red onions.

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