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onion types for export to countries

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onion types for export

Where to buy onions for export to various European and Asian countries? There are available onion types for export to European and Asian countries. Is there a collection to supply onions for export? Sowdasepiaz Agricultural Group offers you a variety of onions for export.

Onion types

Onions have different varieties. According to the cultivation area, cultivate onions in different cultivars of different regions. In addition to different varieties of onions, onions are cultivated in different colors. If we want to declare the onion in terms of color, we must say:

  1. Yellow onion
  2. Golden onion
  3. White onion
  4. Red onion

onion types for export

onion types for export are produced in Iran. If we want to name the types of onions used for export, we should mention a few:

  • Yellow onion
  • Golden onion
  • White onion
  • Red onion
  • Organic onion
  • Pickled onion

These six types of onions are sent to these countries in different chapters according to different orders. However, it can be concluded that onion is a consumable product. Because of the wide variety of onions in the country, it’s a bit difficult to make them, and our collection has made it easy for you.

Buy Onions

Onions are sold on the domestic market, and are used for global markets. The onions used for the domestic market are much different from the onions used for the export. You can buy onions from this collection according to your order. Onion variety, Onion price, Onion size can be customized.

Onion export

Iran is one of the big producers of onions. Iran’s onion is suitable for sending to different countries due to the price. You can export onions with appropriate collections to make your orders permanent and permanent. You can order onion quality, onion color, onion size to our collection. Ask for a suitable onion for import.

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