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Where can I buy imported white onions?

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Buy imported white onionsIranian white onionCountries Buying Iran OnionSpecification of Onion Iran
buy imported white onions

Where can I buy imported white onions? White onion is one of the most popular onions. White onions are bought by different countries. One of the countries where you can import onions is Iran. Iran has high quality white onions. White onion has a very good price.

Buy imported white onions

White onions are one of the onions that are followed by different countries. Iranian white onions import into different countries. Most Iranian white onions are Iranian Gulf states. You can buy imported white onions in different sizes and sizes.

Iranian white onion

You can make Iranian white onions throughout the year. Iranian white onions are considered to be the best examples of onions. The white onions should look good and have a white sardine color. It is suggested that you try the Iranian white onion.

Countries Buying Iran Onion

White onion has the most exports after yellow onion. If we want to name the buyer countries of Iran’s white onion, we should say:

  • Emirates
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Iraq
  • Russia
  • Turkmenistan
  • Croatia

The mentioned countries are among the main buyers of Iranian white onions.

Specification of Onion Iran

You can supply Iranian onions in any size and quality you need. In addition, we are ready to prepare your orders in different packages.

Place of origin
Red /Yellow /White Onion:3-5cm, 5-8cm, 6-9cm
Supply period
All year round
Storage Condition
Temperature 0-1ºC
10kg/mesh bag, 20kg/mesh bag , 30kg/mesh bag or according to your requirement
Delivery Detail
Delivery in the shortest time
1*40″ FCL

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