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Iran organic onion import

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organic onion import

Iranian organic onion import is carried out in this collection. Today, with the advent of societies, the cultivation of crops has been greatly increased. Many people are looking for organic and natural products. Organic onion is one of the most consumable products. Organic onion can be bought from Iran.

What is organic?

Organic products are products that are consistent throughout the growth process with the natural system and in soils that have been used since a few years ago no herbaceous weeds such as weeds, fungi and chemicals, and only with natural ingredients such as composting plants It grows up.

organic products

There are various definitions for organic products. It’s easy to say that products that are cultivated without any fertilizers or cultivations, and all stages of planting, breeding and producing are environmentally friendly are called organic. The organic word refers to farmers’ performance when breeding and producing products. Including:

  • Fruits
  • the vegetables
  • the vegetables
  • beans
  • dairy
  • And even meat is in this category.

organic onions

Onions are also one of the plants that can be cultivated and used organically. Onion is due to the high consumption of Iranian foods in our food basket. It is necessary to cultivate it organically.

Buy organic onions

At the city level there are many stores that offer organic products. One of these products that is offered among organic products is the onion that is highly welcomed.

organic onion import

Organic onion cultivation is carried out in limited countries. organic onion import from Iran to various Arab countries. You can import Iranian organic onions in three colors:

  1. Yellow onion
  2. Red onion
  3. White onion

To import Iranian organic onions you can contact our collection.

Countries Buying Iranian Organic onions

Among the countries that purchase organic onions in Iran. as follows:

  • Emirates
  • Kuwait
  • Diameter
  • Oman
  • Russia
  • And …

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