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Import Iranian Onions | Yellow, Red and White Onions

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Onion import Imported yellow onionImported White OnionImported red onionImport Iranian Onions
Import Iranian Onions

You can import Iranian onions in three colors. The Iranian onion is done in three colors: red, white, and yellow. Iran Onion is one of the best imported onions. Iran’s onion is very good in terms of quality and price. By contacting the collection you can buy onion at an affordable price.

Onion import

Many countries face shortages of onions in different seasons and buy onions from other countries. These imported onions are called imported. Imported onions should be appropriate in terms of quality and price so that the target country can buy and use.

Imported yellow onion

The most import of onions is yellow onion. Yellow onions use more onion types. You can import yellow onion directly from Iran. Iran is one of the largest onion producers in the world.

Imported White Onion

Do not know where your imported white onions come from? White onions are exported to different countries in various export packages annually. White Iran onion export to various countries including:

  • Russia
  • Emirates
  • Iraq Kuwait
  • Diameter
  • Ukraine
  • And … will be issued.

Imported red onion

Imported red onions are exported less than other onions. Red onions are very popular for some countries and are bought in bulk. Iran’s red onion is very popular among the Gulf states. Iran’s red onion can be kept for 6 months.

Import Iranian Onions

If you are going to buy imported onions, Iran is one of the best suppliers of this onion. Due to cheap labor and cheap energy, Iran provides the right kind of onion at an affordable price. You can buy your imported onions directly from our collection.

Place of origin
Red /Yellow / white Onion: 5-7cm, 6-8cm, 7- 9cm
Supply period
All year round
Storage Condition
Temperature 0-1ºC
10kg/mesh bag, 15kg/mesh bag , 20kg/mesh bag or according to your requirement
Delivery Detail
Shipped within 7 days after signing the contract
1*40″ FCA
Carton packing

Abolfazl Karimi

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