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bulk sale of onions in Iran

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Onion salebulk sale of onionsIranian onion sales

bulk sale of onions in Iran are carried out in this collection. Iran is one of the countries that sends onions to major countries around the world. Our collection is one of the largest exporter of onions in Iran, which provides traders with onions in various bags.

Onion sale

Onions are one of the most widely used products in the world. That’s why buying and selling is done in different countries around the world. Onions have a continuous supply and should be provided with the right price and quality. The onion market offers a variety of onions at an affordable price.

bulk sale of onions

Mainly onions are mainly imported and exported. Buy onions in bulk should be made up of large sets of onion sales in each country. Sales of onions are mainly carried out in Iran. Swoda Complex Three onions is one of these sets in Iran that exports all three different colors of onion to all countries.

Iranian onion sales


Product name Red Onion Yellow Onion ، white onion
Original Place country of Iran country of Iran
Color Red Yellow . white
Weight (kg)
Our Brand
fca, cpt Price
Loading Port
Different borders of Iran
Conveyance 26MT/40’ft reefer container
4-7cm,5-7cm,5-8cm and so on
Supply Time
All months
Supply Ability
1000 tons per month
white onion, Red onion and Yellow onion
Certification Quality and health
Lead time

Within 7 days after receiving the deposit

Red onion is one of the most popular onions used for grilling and salad. Red onion has a very sweet flavor and is presented in various qualities.
Iranian white onions are suitable for export and import onions, which are bought annually by Asian and European countries.
Yellow onion is one of the most consuming onions in the world. Yellow onions are mainly used for food and frying.

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