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Exports onions to Qatar | White onion | Red onion

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  Exports onions to QatarExport of white onions to QatarExport of red onion to QatarBuy onions export
Exports onions to Qatar

How is the exports onions to Qatar? Do you know about onions in Iran? What are the benefits of using a good onion? This setting is ready for you to put a lot of onions in suitable packages for merchants. Qatar is a good customer for Iranian onions because it has good nutrition, we can prepare high quality onions for export to Qatar, just contact us.


Exports onions to Qatar

Exports onions in Qatar are done in three colors: red onions, white onions and yellow onions. Qatar will launch its onion from different countries, such as Pakistan, India and Iran. Exports of onions are made in 10kg packages of good quality. Qatar is sensitive to packaging and quality of products and should be carefully considered.

Export of white onions to Qatar

The taste of the Qatari people and their consumption are mostly white onions. The white onions exported to Qatar must be of good quality and have a white one-colored color and avoid sending green onions in very tiny or coarse sizes.

Export of red onion to Qatar

The other onions used by the Arab countries in the fall and winter are red onions. Red onions should also be of the size and quality of the export, which is more practical and empirical. You can buy red onions in suitable packaging and export by contacting us.

Buy onions export

As you know, export onions are different for different countries. Why is this? This difference is related to the taste of the people of the country and the economic level of the country, which can be said that the onion that is exported to Iraq is different from the onion that is exported to Qatar because the Qatari country has better packaging quality and quality needs. Most cases of 10kg packaging.


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