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Import of onions from Iran | Red onion | White onion | Yellow onion

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Import of onions from IranImport of yellow and gold onionsImport of white onions from IranImport of red onions from IranOnion Exports in Iran
Import of onions from Iran

The import of onions from Iran to Asian and European countries is carried out annually. Onions in Iran are cultivated in three colors: yellow, white and red. Iran’s onion is approved by many countries due to its quality. Contact us if you want to buy quality onion and reasonable price.

Import of onions from Iran

Iran is one of the major poles in onion cultivation. Another characteristic of Iran is the weather in its four seasons that you can buy onions in all four seasons.

Several types of onions are cultivated in Iran:

You can connect to our collection for the purchase and import of these four types.


Import of yellow and gold onions

One of the onions cultivated in Iran is yellow and gold onion. You can buy yellow and gold onion from Iran at any time.

The reasons for the cultivation of golden onions in Iran include:

  • High consumption
  • High durability
  • Suitable for maintenance
  • Ability to export

Import of white onions from Iran

The white onion is adapted to the taste and taste of many countries due to its sweet taste. White onions are available to you at the appropriate size and quality. You can buy white onions in Iran from May to March.

Import of white onions

Import of red onions from Iran

Iran’s red onion is one of the best examples of onions. This is not a claim, it’s a fact. Countries that buy Iranian red onions believe that Iranian onions are very suitable. You can connect to Iran for importing onions in various countries through this site.

Import of red onion


Onion Exports in Iran

Due to the fact that Iran is one of the top countries in the field of onion cultivation, Iran has provided the conditions for providing different types of onions from different countries. Onions are packed in Iran and exported to Asian and European countries.

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