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Export onions to Romania / Buy onions export

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Export onions to Romania

Is onion export to Romania in our country? How is the export onions to Romania? Is the Iranian onion suitable for export to Romania? Romania is one of the European countries, Which is in a good position. You can buy onions from the Iranian Onion Collection and compare the price with other competitors.

Country Romania

Romania is the most populous country in the Balkans, and is located in central Europe. The country has an area of 237500 square kilometers. It is located in an appropriate geographical area and from around to countries such as:

  • Ukraine
  • Moldavia
  • Serbia
  • Bulgaria
  • Hungary is connected.

It has temperate European climate and is the capital of Bucharest.

Romania has a population of nearly 20 million who have different religions.

Export onions to Romania

Where is the export onions to Romania? Our country is focusing more on the sale of agricultural products and various sources of oil and minerals. And export all kinds of products to European and Asian countries. Given that Romania is in the center of Europe, it is easy to buy an Iranian onion and send it to other neighboring countries.

Buy onions export

In order to export onions to different countries, we must comply with a set of principles and rules that we can consistently work with and target the countries of the target. An export onion must:

  • Quality
  • Size
  • packing
  • Download
  • Color
  • And so on

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