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Buy onions export Iran / Onion sorting

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Export onionsonion sortingGood tours for exportBuy onions export Iran
Buy onions export Iran

Buy onions export Iran directly،You can buy onions for export in Soda Farm Group Three Onions. Three onions directly and with the removal of intermediaries. Suitable onions are picked up at the time of harvest and packed in suitable export packages And we’re lading in the right cars. You can buy our imported onions from us.

Export onions

In Iran there are onions in different colors. Onions are packed in sizes of 10kg and 20kg. Iran’s onion has a very good shelf Durability and is very suitable for purchase. You can contact us to buy onions in Iran. We make the best onion for you.

onion sorting

What is a sorting onion?

Given that agricultural products have different sizes and qualities and have different shapes, Separated onions in appropriate formats for use in large stores and exports to European and Asian countries.

Good tours for export

To pack onions, you should use good and strong tours. Onion packages must have the following specifications:

  • Ease of packing and air conditioning inside the bag
  • Prevent product from rotting
  • Strength and high strength
  • Beauty and color variation
  • Available yarn in the bag

Dimensions of bags:
Dimensions of the bag (in cm) and capacity (in kilograms)

  • 31×50: 7kg
  • 37×50: 10kg
  • 37×65: 15kg
  • 45×65: 20kg
  • 50×80: 30kg
  • 60×80: 45kg

The name of the product is red onion, white onion, yellow onion
The name of the golden onion product
Round / round
All year round offering


Red onion / white onion / yellow onion: 3-5cm, 5-7cm, 6-8cm, 8cm
5-7cm, 6-8cm


Temperature 0-1 degrees Celsius

Lace and Sack Packing

(1) Packing net, 10 and 20 kg
(2) Packing sacks, 20 and 30 kg

Delivery as short as possible (in proportion to the order size)

Buy onions export Iran

Buy onions export Iran for export can be ordered in various packages. You can buy export onions in four different colors in this collection.

  1. Yellow onion
  2. Golden onion
  3. White onion
  4. Red onion
  5. Pink onion

Of these four colors are used in different chapters for export.

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